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Family Owned and Operated

Setting the Standard for High-Quality Meat Cuts

We are a brand new slaughter facility built to serve the farmers and consumers in our great state of Tennessee. Our small work crew has been hand-picked with the highest expectations of skill and cleanliness to ensure quality meat cuts. We look forward to doing business with you this year. 


Monday through Friday  

7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Retail meat available to purchase during normal business hours.

USDA Inspected and Custom Meat Processing

Cuts & Pricing

Cuts & Pricing

Cuts & Pricing

Please note that all animals have minimum fees that apply for processing. 

Processing charges are all based upon the hanging hot weight of the carcass. 

Additional fees are listed on the cut sheets.  Please review our financial statement and feel free to let us know any questions we can answer for you.